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Crystal Powell



Live Your Passion

I'm really just a Southern girl with an insatiable passion for music who's been piddling (a Southernism) with writing lyrics for years but when my best friend was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer, I realized life is just too short to not live your dream.  

So here I am, a simple girl who is singing as often as I can while trying my hand at songwriting and sharing it all with you.

Live Life in Song

In my world, life is a musical.  Sometimes it is a happy musical, sometimes a sad musical, other times just a silly musical.  Whatever the situation, there is always a song that fits every situation in life.  There's a lot of comfort in that.

In those moments when someone else's music doesn't quite fit, I've started writing my own.

Live Life to the Fullest

Not being a skydiver, world traveler, or just being someone living a somewhat normal life never means I am not living my life to the fullest - quite the contrary.     I spend free time with family, singing in the band (Atlanta Rockers), acting with a local community theater (CAST Productions), and now writing music.

Life is short.  Live it to the fullest.


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