We have extensive experience in the areas of family law, bankruptcy
and civil litigation. Servicing individuals, couples and business owners.

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Let Your Problems Become Our Problems
We Offer Real Solutions in Divorce and Family Law

Compassionate and Experienced Representation

We’ve proudly earned our reputation one client at a time. Our approach is simple: When you focus on the solution, the problems take care of themselves.

If you need real solutions in a divorce or any other family law matters, you can trust the experience of the law office of Crystal B. Powell Esquire, to provide compassionate and experienced representation. We specialize in a full range of family law issues, including:

- Custody Support
- Child Support
- Spousal Support
- Division of Marital Assets
- Protection from Abuse
- Prenuptial Agreements
- and more

With over a decade of experience protecting the rights and interests of individuals and families in the Philadelphia and surrounding counties, Attorney Powell understands that clients want instant results. That’s why hundreds of people have turned to the Law offices of Crystal B. Powell Esquire, for sound advice and practical legal help at a reasonable price.